Part D Creditable Coverage

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Starting January 1, 2006, all employers are required to provide notice to their employees as to whether or not their Health Plan's Prescription Drug coverage is "Creditable" or "Non-Creditable".

This notice needs to be given to all MEDICARE ELIGIBLE active employees, spouses, disabled dependents and COBRA continuees by November 15th of each year.

The purpose of this notice is to provide Medicare Part D eligible individuals with sufficient information so that they will not unknowingly be subjected to Part D late enrollment penalties. Without proof of creditable coverage, those eligible for Medicare Part D, who do not enroll when they first become eligible, will owe a "Late Penalty" that is added to all future premiums..

Below are some sample forms that you can use to notify your employees. Simply right-click to download these forms in Microsoft Word, and then modify them for your company's use.

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- SAMPLE Medicare D Creditable Coverage Letter for Employees

- SAMPLE Medicare D Creditable Coverage Form

- SAMPLE Medicare D Creditable Coverage Form in SPANISH